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According to ISO13485 quality management system and EU CE certification requirements, invested a lot of resources to build production line and design process flow, built 100000 level purification workshop of 5000 square meters, set up advanced laboratory system, microorganism laboratory, sterile room, etc., and equipped with a large number of advanced testing instruments. Mainly produces disposable consumables products, mainly including: disposable bed-sheets, disposable surgical gown, disposable medical mask, surgical mask. Our company will be committed to the research and development and production of new antibacterial non-woven products, and strive to provide high-quality and efficient medical equipment products.


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At Drmed, our mission is to empower companies aiming to establish a global presence by providing them with strategic partnerships tailored to their unique needs. We strive to be the catalyst that propels businesses towards international success, offering a comprehensive range of services and resources designed to unlock their full potential.


Our vision is to be the trusted and preferred strategic partner for companies venturing into new markets worldwide. We envision a future where organizations seamlessly navigate the complexities of international business, leveraging our expertise and collaboration to achieve exponential growth, sustainable profitability, and lasting competitive advantage.


We happily invite you to explore the potential for cooperation with Drmed. As a company renowned for our expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical market, we are actively seeking partners worldwide. Our innovative product, the Trip Shave Razor Blade, offers a cutting-edge solution in the disposable medical products sector. We believe that by joining forces, we can introduce this revolutionary product to new markets, maximizing its market potential and driving mutual success.

Partner with Drmed to:

- Expand your customer base and boost revenue through our extensive network and market insights. - Enter new markets with our local expertise, networks, and market knowledge, ensuring a strong presence and growth opportunities. - Diversify your product lines and access technological innovations, staying ahead of the competition and driving industry innovation. - Optimize resources by utilizing our shared distribution networks, manufacturing facilities, and research and development capabilities. - Gain market insights, valuable intelligence, and regulatory guidance to make informed decisions and reduce risks. Unlock your full potential and achieve international success with Drmed as your strategic partner. Together, we can navigate the complexities of global markets, drive remarkable growth, and introduce innovative products such as the Trip Shave Razor Blade to a worldwide audience. Contact us today to explore the exciting possibilities of partnership.


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